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CONFLICKER UPDATE: Symantec’s got a pretty simple (and free) tool specifically for Conficker:Download this file on an uninfected computer, follow the steps, and you should be okay. Or. Doxpara Research has release a ‘scanner’ to check for conflicker infection. Security expert Dan Kaminsky, working with the Honeynet Project’s Tillmann Werner and Felix Leder, have discovered […]

Conflicker Protection

The hype and realities of the Conlicker Worm. Yes folks, this is very dangerous worm. In fact Microsoft is offering a bounty for the capture and prosecution of the author!But once again it’s spread is caused by all the usual suspects – un-patched systems, out of date Antivirus and Antispyware software and POOR computing practices. […]

Calling demons bunnies

Scarry times indeed. I have been saying this all along and don’t understand how some people get it.Our current administration is completely out of touch with reality. Our enemies, particularly radical islam, WANT US DEAD. Period, end of story. And will ruthlessly and patiently work toward that end.The left believe that they are just ‘misguided […]

Enter Bios older Compaq laptops [Armada n700]

After many reboots and LOTS of searching figured out how to get in by clearing bios.Do a hard restart – power off, remove batter then re-insert battery and plug power cable back inUpon pressing the power up button Hold Fn+F11 to ‘reset’ the bios.This will allow you to then enter the bios and make adjustments […]

Windows Media Player 11 on Windows 2003

Windows Media Player 11 on Windows 2003: Alright, I’ve finally worked out a way how to do this, and as far as I can see from 5 test machines running Windows Server 2003, Standard; Windows Server 2003, Enterprise; Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise; Windows Server 2003, Datacenter, Windows Server 2003 x64 Enteprise… it works. 1) […]

Hard Drive Size

Hard drive space:To those of my friends who ask me about this EVERYTIME they get a new system.“Why is my hard drive capacity not what is says on the box?”I’ve got to say.“What in the hell are you looking at this for, or more importantly CARING about this. Man you gotta focus on more important […]

Essay by Robert A. Hall

This is an essay by Robert A. Hall. I had to post it because it addresses so much.I could not have said any of this better.Very well said sir, Semper Fidelis!————————-Why don’t more people say this ……. they’re thinking it! “I’m Tired” by Robert A. Hall I’ll be 63 soon. Except for one semester in […]

Share External Mac Volumes

If you have a mixed environment of PC’s – MS Windows and Macintosh, it can be tough to configure access to shared resources on shared machines.Sure you might think OSX can do this with the ‘Windows File Sharing’ but you are limited to the ‘home’ folder.Sharing a Windows folder or drive is actually fairly simple […]