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Conflicker Worm is here!

Yes folks, it looks like the worm is very active again.Please take the time to protect yourself and your data. A few minutes of safety can save hours or days of frustration and money. The worm started spreading late last year, infecting millions of computers and turning them into “slaves” that respond to commands sent […]

Improving Firefox’s font display

As most of you know I am a huge Firefox fan, primarily because of the extnsions;things I could not do without, like ‘Better Gmail, DownloadHelper and Stop Autoplay.All of which I have discussed in previous posts.But one thing I wish Firefox did was ‘render/display’ pages as nicely as IE 7.Because, with IE and XP/Vista using […]

For those looking to improve language skills

Lean languages on the cheap!Free here:;=x and some very good pay ones:

Misguided legislation.

Showing how ignorant and misguided politicians really are: the line:“because one state senator has heard… of the many reports of problems with Vista.”This ‘tard has no idea how to use technology and certainly should have no business in legislating on it!!I just point this out to make another point about how out of touch elected […]

Nanny Stater’s

IncredibleThe ‘nanny-staters’ are everywhere.From the top office to the local states. is time we removed all elected officials and showed them they are not there for their asinine self serving purposes but to represent US.This idea of legislating behavior and beliefs is getting out of hand.It has been tried before, check history; Nazi Germany, Fascist […]