Device Drivers/Manager and Disk tools

Excellent tools:
DeviceRemover is a Device manager on steroids!
You can view almost any data on a device, update or backup drivers, and pretty much control anything you want for the device.
This can be a great help when some device all of a sudden stops working – like after an update, or when re-installing/installing an operating system.:

Using this utility is very easy.
But this is one utility you’ll want to use with a great deal of caution unless you really know what you are doing!!
You will be dealing with device drivers and settings and could easily ‘brick’ your devices or even your entire Operating System!

So make sure you have everything backed up before tweaking.
To back up just the drivers first you can use the above mentioned ‘DeviceRemover’ application or try this one:

Better yet and more preferable is to have an ‘image’ available of your entire system.
I have previously gone on about the utter importance of having recent images of your entire system should you have to recover data [your hdd drive dies, you get a virus or trojan, you need larger drive, etc.] so I won’t prattle on too much.
A disk image is a giant file that saves the state of an entire disk.
Disk images can re-create an entire disk drive.
I recommend having an external drive or secondary hdd for images.
I you don’t have one of my favorites, and most important, tools – Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost, there are freeware applications available to create complete system [hard drive] images.
Good Description of the difference of image vs backup is here.
Here is one:
Here is the direct ISO download that can be ‘burned’ to CD:

Safe computing……..

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