All kinds of Windows 7 info

I really like the new Microsoft operating system Windows 7.
I think it will have a huge impact on usability and security for all who upgrade.
It should also make it easier, from my standpoint, to administer and manage.
I expect many fewer calls for support.
A basic tour of Win 7 from Microsoft:

Below are some links that I highly recommend you check out.
There are so many great features with Win 7 that make the Operating System so much easier to use than Vista and more secure that XP.
The interface alone has all kinds of features – like the ‘dock’ and previews that make for a much more useful interface.
Behind the scenes there is of course all the stability improvements too.
Things like networking that just works, disk burning built in and faster application performance.
Take some time and really check out these articles and mess with the functions they talk about and you will be amazed!

For those with Vista and/or Windows 7 here is a very nice freeware utility.
Just be careful of what you tweak you could hose your system!

Some great Windows ‘hot keys’:

Windows 7 driver issues

Some of you have taken the jump to Windows 7.
As a MS Technet subscriber, I am one of those who have been using it for some time.
I believe it is the OS that Vista should have been. It takes security way beyond XP and usability way beyond Vista.
But some have still had problems with drivers not working correctly.
MS has a great – how to on how to fix this.
If a device will not work with Windows 7 drivers or you need to use older drivers you can use this method.

Online TV and Movie viewing

Some of you may know what a fan I am of watching ‘on-demand’ content so I thought I’d pass this along.
I love watching what I want when I want (ala tivo) and watching movies and shows online enables that nicely.
Hulu now has a desktop application you can use with your media center or like an onscreen tv controller.
Hulu desktop application:
Hulu desktop

Sites I frequent:

Discovery channels – they have military, science, health and more:

Exernal Media Player

I was recently looking for another way to view my saved movie files.
I have loads of movies saved on one of my PC’s that I actually used as a TV and work machine for many years.
They are actaully high quality mpegs from a high-quality TV card in my PC.
I have since copied most of them off to a seperate hard drive and converted most of them to DVD via DVD Flick
You can of course go full out and for a few hundred bucks make a great home DVR out of an old PC with little work. Especially if it has Windows XP Media Center or Vista with Media Center.
Or you can follow this guys great tutorial here:
Free TiVo/DVR out of old PC
But back to the story.
I had this drive sitting around with all these movies on it. 500GB Seagate SATA loaded with mpeg’s and AVI’s and thought it would be cool to just ‘hook it up’ to the tv and watch the movies and shows.
So I happened on this really cool device.
The SATA HDD Multi-media player adapter allows you to connect any 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA Harddisk to your computer via USB. It a powerful tool for data transfer, backup and cloning.
The kicker:
It functions as a Multi-Media player as well. You can play the media files via SATA HDD, SD(HC) card or external USB storage on TV without using a computer!
I can now take my external drive anywhere and share my stuff.
I ordered this thing from these guys on the 24th of June and it was delivered – all the way from Hong Kong – by the 1st of July!
I plugged in my external USB drive to the device and then plugged in the AV cables to TV and with very little setup (adjusting for NTSC Video and TV playback in the setup menu of the device) my stuff played awesomely!
Just thought I’d share a cool technology device that is very inexpensive, easy to use and seems to work great too.