Another Great Remote Support Tool

I have been using premium and free versions of LogMeIn for years and have been very happy with their products and services.

I looks like they are adding another great tool calle LogMeIn Express.
[sorry for now only WinXP and above – no Mac yet]

LogMeIn Express is a screensharing tool from the makers of the popular remote-desktop software, LogMeIn. With this new offering, sharing your desktop is as simple as sending your friend or associate a URL.

Only the person doing the screensharing needs to download anything. The sharer only requires a small application from LogMeIn, the viewer only needs to visit the LogMeIn Express site and plug in the number that the sharer has given them.

Once they plug in the number you’ll approve them for viewing and—if you desire—remote control. You can send them files, chat with them via the LogMeIn Express control panel, pause the screencasting, disconnect individual users, or shut down the screen sharing all together.
The connection is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption and you can share with up to 100 users.
The Logmein Express page:
More info:

Have fun and be productive.

Anti Virus/Anti Spyware Suite Shootout Results

Here are the results of a very well done study on the effectiveness of current anti-virus/anti-spyware suites.
Review of the review here.
The top of the current list is Nortons latest suite.
They did not test Microsoft’s new/updated foray into this arena – their Freeware solution;
Microsof Security Essentials.
As I have mentioned previously I have been a fan of Norton for a while. They have done a good job of reducing the memory and process footprint compared to previous editions.
I am however very impressed with Microsoft’s Security Essentials application.
I recently had a collegue who’s systems was infected and Norton AND Trend Micro could not effect a solution.
But Security Essentials DID!
I think it is a good free solution and worth checking out.
Keep safe out there.