Oil Cleanup Solution

Like everyone else I have been watching the happenings regarding the oil leakage in the Gulf.

I have heard of and seen many solutions – most involving super high-tech, and super expensive solutions to mopping up the oil.

Well here is a guy with a solution that is so simple and inexpensive it is crazy!

I believe you could soak up the oil with the hay and load it onto barges. Then even extract it later if needed!

Sad but this will probably not be used for three reasons – one some stupid shit government regulation would prohibit it, two the contractors being paid millions of dollars to clean this up will buy off the politicians and three the guy is a southerner wearing suspenders.

Homemade Slide Guitar

I’ve always loved the sound of blues slide guitar. Though in two lifetimes I could never approach the skills or sounds of the greats, it’s cool to mess around with the ‘tones’. The sounds just have so much emotion to me.

The easiest and un-coolest way is to go into your guitar shop and buy one. [read me]
The coolest way, but hard to play is using a bottle.

I just came across this article about making your own glass guitar slide out of wine or brandy style bottles that would make Robert Johnson proud.

Slides are usually made of glass or metal. In the early days of Blues the players also used a bone (like Mississippi Fred McDowell, who gave some of his slide guitar secrets to Bonnie Raitt) or a knife. Glass and metal produce a different sound and it’s just a matter of your taste which you prefer. A general rule is that heavier slide create a better sustain.
Here are some good examples of slide blues. Three versions of Traveling Riverside Blues (Robert Johnson)

1st Robert Johnson’s original

Eric Clapton’s version

Led Zeppelin’s hard charging version

iPhone/iTouch Jail Breaking

I’ve been asked a whole lot recently about how to do this. So here are the links I HIGHLY recommend:
Hope this helps.

[UPDATE! The latest & greatest information is now here:
Great new article from Gizmodo on jailbreaking iPhones and iPads]

This is the site to start at!!:


Forums which will tell you how to use the downloads below:

Software Version: 2.2.5-2
Creator: iPhone Dev Team and poorlad
Description: QuickPWN allows you to unlock and jailbreak your iPhone and jailbreak your iPod Touch so you can modify it, SSH into it, choose your own theme and many other cool things.
For Windows:

iPhone Firmware
iPhone firmware 2.2

iPhone 2.2.1 firmware

iPhone 3G Firmware
iPhone 3G 2.2 firmware

iPhone 3G 2.2.1 firmware

iPod Touch Firmware

iPod Touch 1G 2.2.1 firmware

iPod Touch 2G 2.2.1 firmware

Software Downloads

WinSCP – WinSCP allows you to SSH into your iPhone/iPod Touch and add/remove/edit files and execute commands.


See Here: