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iPhone/iTouch Jail Breaking

I’ve been asked a whole lot recently since the courts ruled that jailbreaking is now legal about how to do this. So here are the links I HIGHLY recommend: Hope this helps. Latest exciting news: Jailbreaking you iPhone/iPad just got even easier! The Jailbreak Matrix is a massive chart of all the iOS devices and […]

Using Opera Unite to share files and media

Here is another really cool and fairly secure way to share files and or content with people you choose. Or even just access your own files whilst away. It is called Opera Unite. It is actually built into the Opera Web Browser! I am still a huge fan of LiveSync/Skydrive as I have previously written […]

OS X Virtual Machines Two Methods

I recently had the need to test some ‘fixes’ for a co-workers iMac. Since I don’t like to make system changes on ‘live’ machines I went to my Virtual Machines (VM) and was able to easily test what I needed. I mentioned that to a colleague and they asked me to explain how I was […]


I was recently asked by a person new to the internet. [Yes there are still some.] “What do the ‘little thingy’s after some of my comments mean?” So I thought I’d put up list of emoticons. This is by no means definitive but it has most of what I know of. Enjoy Originals: 🙂 smile […]

Google Voice Tips Tricks and Tutorials

I am a huge fan of Google voice. I use it for both my personal, and professional life. I am able to set up rules for contact groups that define many different scenarios. I like that I can give my Google voice number to my family and close friends and know that I can be […]

WordPress 500 internal Server Error xmlrpc.php fix part 2

I had this issue previously and it appeared resolved. But it has returned after upgrading my WordPress installation to 3.x. So I tried the simple thing of just disabling all my plug-ins but that didn’t do it this time. I had to do that (disable my plug-ins as described here) and all this too! I […]

Obama’s out of control spending and oil spill response some perspective.

Consider that from Jan. 20, 2001, to Jan. 20, 2009, the debt held by the public grew $3 trillion under Mr. Bush—to $6.3 trillion from $3.3 trillion at a time when the national economy grew as well. By comparison, from the day Mr. Obama took office last year to the end of the current fiscal […]