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Jailbreaking iDevices Continues

Ok iPhoners and iPaders if you have a new device and/or the latest iOS installed (4.1.x) you can now ‘jailbreak’ them easily with the latest ‘GreenPois0n’ Jailbreak tool. Greenpois0n  jailbreaks the iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch 4G/3G, and the iPad. Their blog is here. Here is a video of it in action. Currently the crack is […]

The destruction of the middle class is almost at hand

Folks. I have commented on this before and will again. I believe our current administration and politicians have been setting out to destroy our middle class and turn our country into a communist regime – one where there are only two classes; the elite party members and ultra powerful rich and the rest; the peons. […]

Simple Performance Tips

I am asked a few times a week at minimum “how can I speed up my system?” by friends, family and colleagues alike. Here are some very simple performance tips I perform on nearly all Windows systems I work with. Before starting any system modifications please make sure you have a recent backup. Follow my […]

Resolving Windows Systems Problems

Here is fine article on fixing common PC (Windows) problems. I highly recommend anyone with a Windows PC read this article. As mentioned in the above article F1 is invaluable! I have learned more from reading help files (and Internet searches) than through ANY instructor related training I have been through in the over the […]