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Microsoft Mathematics Now Free, Perfect Tool For Math & Science Students and Buffs!

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 includes a full-featured graphing calculator. It’s designed to work just like those expensive handheld calculators and it’s optimized for algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. Additional math tools help you solve systems of equations, evaluate sides and angles in a triangle, and convert from one system of units to another. It also has […]

Great Simple How To & Tech Support videos from Google

These videos are from Google’s "Send Your Parents A Tech Support Package" site. Basically it is a site that lets the techies (usually the younger generation) send some ‘canned support’ to their parents and elders. But these are also especially useful to those that are either new to computers and technology or just a little […]

More Maleware in the wild ‘E-Card’

Hi folks just thought I’d pass this on. The folks at Shadow Server have found this propagating. There are loads of new security threats – many using tried and true vectors. This one uses the ‘E-Card’ email route. One that STILL somehow get people! Please NEVER, EVER, EVER open up these type of links! They […]