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Get 20GB of Amazon Storage on the cheap

Right now Amazon is offering a killer promotion to up the adoption rate of their Cloud Player. If you buy a single MP3 album from Amazon between now and the end of the year you automatically get upgraded to the 20GB storage plan. The has written a great article about how to get 20GB […]

Updating to Firefox 4

I’ve written previously of my heavy reliance on Firefox and the many add-ons I use to make my time more productive and enjoyable while using the Internet. Read here. Now Mozilla has release the final version of Firefox 4. Firefox 4 provides a MUCH faster and integrated browsing experience than version 3.x. The speed improvement […]

Brainwashing Alive and Well today

Brainwashing is still very alive in well today. Please folks take the time and read this! This post will deal with the latest thing to be put back on my WTF people, wake up? list. I would even move this in front of scientology in it’s insidiousness! Do not mistake being open minded with being […]

SMS from GMail

I’ve written many times about how awesome a tool Google Apps Gmail is. Check out these links. One Two Three Four and I’m sure there are more just look. And I’ve also written about how to send and SMS text to a phone via email. Here But that does require you know the service provider […]

The folly of poorly drawn conclusions.

It’s conclusive: owning a passport will prevent you from becoming diabetic. (Top: Andrew Sullivan’s Map of the Day. Bottom: Diabetes Belt stretches across Deep South and Appalachia) This is a sample of how are daily headlines are created. Off the wall conclusions that are completely incorrect and false. It is also amazing to me that […]

Mac OS X Trojan catches Sophos’ eye

Two very recent article point out what most security people know and the rest should know – NO technology, especially computers connected to any network, are completely secure! An article here points this out: "It appears there is a new backdoor Trojan in town and it targets users of Mac OS X. As even the malware […]