LastPass Warns of Potential Breach, Ratchets Up Security


Read about it here.

I don’t use them, but I know many people who do! CHANGE YOUR MASTER PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY!
It’s important to note that they have no evidence that anyone was actually compromised – YET.

Once you change your master password any breach that may have happened will be rendered moot. Their service is still good, I’m sure – just not good enough for me.

I have used KeePass for years and looks like I will continue to do so now for sure – it is open source and resides on YOUR system(s). It may not be as ‘slick’ and completely web based as LastPass but I trust it more. I guess I will NOT be migrating to that service after all.

As a systems administrator and IT guy, I have no less than 78 items in my main password safe! And I have a few smaller ‘safes’ for some of my clients. So it is necessary for me to have a place to keep them all and of course a flat file or piece of paper wouldn’t work.
I keep a KeePass safe on my machines that I sync and also on a usb drive. I have always believed in owning my information.

Be safe folks.

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