Another serious Web Browser hole

Contexis Security has found a BIG problem with WebGL implementations on Windows, Mac and Linux have numerous vulnerabilities which allow malicious web pages to capture any window on the system or crash the computer, according to research from Context Information Security. They actually demonstrate how to steal user data through web browsers using this vulnerability!

The report comes right on the heels of Microsoft’s denunciation yesterday of the security architecture of WebGL and announcement that it wouldn’t be seen in Microsoft products any time soon see here .

Sheesh! IE 9 is proving to be WAY more secure that FireFox and even Chrome! But until I can get the Firefox Extensions I use (or comparable) in IE I’m still a FireFox guy.

So let’s fix that:
To Disabe WebGL in Firefox 4

1. Type about:config in Firefox address bar and continue on through past the warning dialog.

2. Type "webgl.disabled" (no quotes) into the Filter box then Double click Webgl.disabled entry and turn its value into “True”.

3. Restart Firefox browser, WebGL is now disabled in Firefox 4.

To disable WebGL in Google Chrome you will need to:

1. Rright-click your Google Chrome shortcut or from your Windows menu on your desktop, click ‘properties’ and add “-disable-webgl” to the Target Shortcut box

2. Restart Chrome

As always please keep your systems, Web Browses and their plug-ins, Anti-virus/Antispyware software, and applications (especially Adobe products!!) up to date and fully patched.

And try and be vigilant about security and always ‘on guard’.

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