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Another OS X tool updated for Lion

The folks at Titanium’S Software have a new version of a great tool out for the latest version of OS X – Lion. The tool is called ‘Deeper’. It gives you quick access to a number of Mac OS system options and tools that are normally buried in different utilities and menus. You can find […]

Re-Installing Windows 7 if you don’t have original installation media.

Many people who purchased a computer with Windows 7 installed have found that nearly every manufacturer no longer provides you with the Operating System Media (DVDs). You will only be provided with a ‘restore to factory settings option’. Which will only work if the system ‘restore’ partition has not also been corrupted. And if like […]

Problems connecting VPN. Error 609 and error 800 WAN Miniport

I just updated some of my home Virtual Machine software this weekend. Virtual Box and VMware. Also last week there were numerous Windows, application and Browser(s) updates. Somewhere along the line my ability to connect VPN stopped working. The errors I was getting were: "Error 800: Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server […]