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Acronis Deal

OK here I go again. Back your sh%t up! I have written many times previously [read here and here and for Macs here ]about the prudence and wisdom of having backups of your digital data. And by backup I mean that your data exists in TWO places at once and is able to be accessed […]

Installing SQL Server 2008R2 to Windows 7 VM

While installing an instance of SQL2008R2 to a Windows 7 Workstation VM (used by my programmers) on my VMWare vSphere cluster I ran into a problem. While the SQL installation seemed to go OK, it hung up toward the end during ‘Windows Installation Final Tasks – Clean up processes…” or something at “Install_sqlncli_Cpu64_Action” The install […]

More Free Cloud Storage

I like free and I like options. I already have written about Microsoft’s awesome SkyDrive storage previously here along with other options here. I really like using DropBox to hold my Titanium Backup files; my Android phone (Rooted Samsung Galaxy SII/Epic 4G Touch) synchronizes my nightly automated Titanium Pro backups to DropBox. This provide me […]

Facebook Timeline Fix with Social Fixer

OK. I was asked again about Facebook’s Timeline and how to ‘fix it’ and make the experience more like ‘it used to be’. I’ll tell you now: You are stuck with Facebook Timeline – it’s Facebook’s world and what they say goes in their world. (for the most part anyways). And Facebook says EVERYONE is […]

Jailbreak for iOS 5.01 now available

UPDATE #2: Here is an easy peasy walkthough and video on the iPhone 4s/iPad 2 jailbreak. They walk through the entire simple process. I could not imaging owning an iDevice that wasn’t jailbroken. But that is just me. If after doing some research and reading you are fine just doing only what you are told […]

CCleaner for OSX out of Beta

I written previously about a great tool I regularly use for Windows PCs now being available to OSX called CCleaner here. The application is now out of beta and adds a full set of features! Yay! With the full version CCleaner adds cleaning capabilities for Safari, Google Chrome, Opera  and Firefox. This final release for […]