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Acrobat Security Hole (again) and a fix

D#mn it Adobe! More serious security holes!! You can read their advisory here. Please take the time and follow this How To to secure you Acrobat application. Well if you use Adobe Acrobat (and who doesn’t since it is a de facto format now). Be safe y’all!

Add Gmail Contacts to iOS 5

Though many don’t realize it the process for importing your contacts to your iPhone from Gmail Address Book is quite simple. Getting them OUT of your iPhone can, depending on how their configured, be much more complicated. But that is for another post. I know that many supposed Mac techs and BigBox retailers will want […]

Critical February Security Patches

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday is next week. And it’s going to be VERY important Microsoft’s security patches are due to be released at 1:00pm EST on Tuesday 12th February. [Read more here from MS  ] The longer you take to update the security patches on your computer, the greater potential risk you could find yourself in!! […]