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Windows 8.1 is here

Windows 8.1 is here just a year after Windows 8. This update—free to existing Windows 8 users. The update is simple and hassle free through MS update. I’d recommend it to anyone who has Windows 8 to make it more easily navigable and user friendly. Especially those of us in the business desktop world. Some […]

Terrifying new Ransomware

This is here some scary sh%t. I know I sound like this guy about backing up your entire systems to ‘offline/removable’ media but I’ll keep on saying it. This nasty is spreading fast on corporate networks. Scary thing is it still uses social engineering and poor user training/safety methods to launch/install. It usually arrives as […]

Adobe Hacked (again)

Yay another security hack. 🙁 If you have an Adobe Account Please login to their site and change your Password. You may have already received notice to reset them, if so please do! I’d suggest if you have any payment information associated with any Adobe account/login you remove it! You can read from Adobe about […]