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Fix "The trust relationship between this computer and the primary domain failed" error

This is something that happens very often in large organizations with remotely connected sites (whether via MPLS nodes, connected VPNs or remote VPN users). If you’ve spent any time in the desktop support arena you’ve likely had this error/issue dozens of times. Here are some surefire ways to fix this fairly quickly. MANY, many sites […]

Completely Uninstall Default Windows Store Apps in Windows 10 (8/8.1 too)

I am NOT a fan of the Windows Store or ‘Charm’ apps. If I want an application – I’ll seek out and get it myself. I don’t like being force fed a bunch of useless stuff I don’t want or need. With the advent of Windows 8 through Windows 10 MS has pushed their default/charm […]

Disable Email Accounts in Exchange

Deleting Mailbox in Exchange Admin Console will delete the attached AD objects! Always great to find out afterwards – thank you Microsoft. :/ So….to just disable an account: In the Exchange Management Console, right-click and select disable mailbox or in the Exchange Management PowerShell, use the Disable-Mailbox cmdlet: Disable-Mailbox -Identity {mailboxname} -Confirm:$false Disabling the mailbox […]

How To Share Folders In Outlook 2011/2013 For Mac

Sharing a Calendar folder in Outlook 2011 for OS/X 1.Select your calendar, and then choose “Permissions" 2.In the permissions window, click “Add User”, and then choose the individual for whom you’d like to assign permissions: 3.Once the user has been added to the list, assign the desired permissions: Note: To activate the greyed "Permissions" Icon, […]

How to remove a printer and its drivers from Windows 8/10

How to remove a printer and its drivers from Windows 8 Press the keyboard shortcut Win+q. Find Printer Management in the section Administrative Tools and launch it. Removing a printer Open Custom Filters, All Printers, select the printer you want to remove and click on Delete. Confirm it by clicking Yes. Removing drivers Go to […]

Using PowerShell to Manage Windows Updates

Using PowerShell to Manage Windows Updates:  PSWindowsUpdate Often we have to update computers that have not – for whatever reason been updated in a long time. AND we often have to create new deploy images using sysprep. What usually happens is that Windows update will hang at ‘checking for updates’ for a very long time […]