Global Warming, Really

I have such a disdain for lies and deception it borders on an obsession.
One of my biggest peeves is the absolute LIE of ‘man-made global warming’.
An entire generation of children have been literally indoctrinated with this ‘religion’ that is based on junk science!
This schtick has been used by the anti-capitalist to bludgeon the economies and bind the freedoms that have made the west the most advanced civilizations in humans short history on this planet.
Virtually every bit of legislation tied to the ‘green movement’ ONLY harms the developed nations of the west and does absolutely nothing to help the underdeveloped nations of the world.
The sole purpose of the ‘green movement’ is to monetarily penalize man’s economic and scientific advancement and redistribute the wealth of the world. In short to put control of freedoms and progress in the hands of an ‘elite’ few who ‘know what’s good for us’.
I know that the left’s hysteria can’t be bothered with actual facts but maybe we can help educate the young.
Here are some fantastic links to actual science.
A great video that should be played in all grade schools!:

Some other great links:

A good site with lots of information:

Attack on Morality

Folks the war on morality has just reached a new high.
This is just the first salvo from the left and the new administration.
This provision calls for no monies to ANY institution that simply ‘allows’ worship or meetings that are of a religious nature’!! Whether or not they are actually sanctioned by the institution or not.
You can be assured that Planned Parenthood meetings would be exempt.

And you wont believe this:
File under WTF!! Your tax dollars at work:;=88097

The (NO) Fairness doctorine is comming

People, be very afraid!
For years the left has been looking for a way to silence their critics and they are approaching their goal!
Essentially what it boils down to is this;t the left wants total control of (all) the press.
Think of Pravda of the old Soviet Union.
Without the freedom of a free market media – essentially talk radio, the left can say and do what every they want with out being called to task.
The left has tried and failed at every opportunity to ‘sell’ it’s message (essentially lies, hyperbole and half-truths) many times and HAS ALWAYS FAILED!
Look at Air America Radio. It has never made money and only exists because of the support of ‘new world order’ socialists; primarily George Soros.;=88113

The ‘truth’ of who Obama stands up for – NOT US!
This is a short of Diane McDaniels, the mother of a Cole Bombing victim speaking out about her feelings on President Obama’s decision to stop the prosecutions of terrorists.
The legal move by the Hon. Susan J. Crawford upholds President Obama’s Guantanamo order to halt court proceedings at the Navy detention center in Cuba.
Seventeen sailors were killed and forty seven others were injured in the blast!

How can you get the irrational left to understand this when they will never see it on the new or hear on the radio?
Items like this are occurring all the time but the regular media and press won’t talk about it.
To the press terrorist are just ‘freedom fighters’, evil is just an alternative lifestyle or different culture, and where they honestly believe if you have no money and are in debt (read the U.S. economy) you should borrow more and spend even more! Even though this is exactly why we are in the financial crisis we are currently in!