Wi-Fi connection issues with Smartphones and devices

Just thought I’d pass this on to those with Smartphone activation or Wi-Fi issues.
About a month ago I had LOADS of problems trying to get two new Samsung Galaxy S4 phones activated.

My Wi-Fi would drop off after just a few moments or minutes at the longest. After a few days, I started to RMA and send back two phones trying to get them to work. Besides some issues with flashing firmware, which I resolved, I could not get the phone(s) to finish setting up because of the data connection problems.

Then I chatted with another geek like me on a tech forum and he said he had problems with his phones on one of his home’s routers.
And, because his Wi-Fi kept disconnecting it caused all kinds of problems during setup. His ‘solution’ was to get a new wireless router.

Since I can’t let things like this beat me I decided to do even more research.
His comment about the router got me to thinking about the routers in my place.
So I turned off the old Linksys with customized DDWRT firmware and tried connecting to my DLink DIR655. Nope. Still had issues with losing connectivity. And I could not finish activating/updating phone.

So, following up on the ‘connection/Wi-Fi’ premise I did some more searching and found two articles.
First one is here.

Key for me in this article was this one line,
"The company suggested that customers using the DIR-655 or the DIR-855 could mitigate the problem in the meantime by logging into the web interface and disabling the Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME, also known as Wi-Fi Multimedia or WMM)."

I made that one change – disable WMM on the DLink, and the phone stayed connected to WiFi! I was able to finish the carrier/phone activation and commence synching!

The other article, here, mentions upgrading firmware on the DLink:
Haven’t tried the new firmware for the DLink but I probably will soon enough. Here’s to hoping all goes well.

So now here is a catch. iOS 6 (iPhone) supposedly requires WMM compliance. However some are saying that they too get much better speeds and stability by disabling this setting too. You can read about that here. So if you have an iDevice you might want to check into this setting on your router.

Well good luck. Hope this helps some of you all.