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Android Sensor Applications

Modern Smartphone’s are amazing! And I really love my latest – Epic 4g Touch (Sprint’s implementation of the Samsung Galaxy S2). This thing rivals, and in some cases exceeds, the capability found in full blown laptops of just a few years ago. What makes Smartphone’s like these so amazing is the massive amounts of ‘sensors’ […]

Some more notes on the Samsung Galaxy S2

After helping a friend for a very short time with her new phone; initial setup and one-click root downloading a few applications and such. I realized that many of the simple things I did to my phone to make it so kick ass and incredibly usable, I had already forgot how to do quickly and […]

More phone tips Galaxy S2 and some iPhone ones

Just thought I’d put up some feature and tip how-to’s for those that care – mostly me so I can get to them if I need them 🙂 Also if you happen to screw up your phone – ‘brick it’ here is how to restore it; bring it back from the brink. Just go here […]

My adventures in a phone upgrade part 1

It all started almost two years ago. I knew it was time to upgrade my phone but I could not find a suitable replacement for my ‘rooted/custom ROM’d’ Windows Mobile 6.5 phone – an HTC Touch Pro2. When I say suitable, I must first explain who I am and what I do. That may help […]