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My current physical fitness routine(s) and some opinions and observations.

I recently spent some time chatting with an old friend and roommate and the conversation got around to working out and the gym. He knew I have been fairly active and into fitness from way back and asked me what I’m currently doing to stave off ‘middle age’ ‘hood. He’s started going to check out […]

The folly of poorly drawn conclusions.

It’s conclusive: owning a passport will prevent you from becoming diabetic. (Top: Andrew Sullivan’s Map of the Day. Bottom: Diabetes Belt stretches across Deep South and Appalachia) This is a sample of how are daily headlines are created. Off the wall conclusions that are completely incorrect and false. It is also amazing to me that […]

Stimulating YOUR nervous system

If you turn to tea for a healthy dose of antioxidants, keep in mind that the antioxidants, or polyphenols, found in commercially bottled tea is up to 20 times less than you’ll find in homebrewed tea. Not to mention the amount of sugar. Me, I like good coffee and iced green tea. I drink plenty […]

More on Science vs. Superstition

Science vs idiotic superstition is obviously one of my running themes here. So in line with that here is comedian Dara O’Briain setting the record straight about the public understanding of science.