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Windows 7 Media Center HTPC

I have been using some of my home PC’s as Media Centers for a long time. Watching recording, scheduling and converting live TV for some time.[since 1998 actually]. To this end I have, for the most part, relied on third party software to do this. You do need to have a TV Tuner Card to […]

Use Media Center To Watch TV

With the improvements in Windows Media Center, starting with Vista and fully realized with Windows 7, it is easier than ever to watch ‘live’ TV (from antennae, cable or satellite) and also watch ‘on demand’ Internet TV. You can also very easily use Media Center as a PVR (personal video recorder) much like TiVo or […]

Exernal Media Player

I was recently looking for another way to view my saved movie files.I have loads of movies saved on one of my PC’s that I actually used as a TV and work machine for many years.They are actaully high quality mpegs from a high-quality TV card in my PC.I have since copied most of them […]

Windows Media Center How To’s

Some have asked me how to work with the fantastic Media Center in Vista and its ‘father’ WinXP Media Center Edition.There are other ‘open source or freeware’ apps and plenty of quality ones to purchase available to do what Media Center does, but I have used most of them and they don’t compare with the […]