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LastPass Warns of Potential Breach, Ratchets Up Security

OK FOLKS, TAKE NOTE LAST PASS MAY HAVE BEEN HACKED!! Read about it here. I don’t use them, but I know many people who do! CHANGE YOUR MASTER PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY! It’s important to note that they have no evidence that anyone was actually compromised – YET. Once you change your master password any breach that […]

Get 20GB of Amazon Storage on the cheap

Right now Amazon is offering a killer promotion to up the adoption rate of their Cloud Player. If you buy a single MP3 album from Amazon between now and the end of the year you automatically get upgraded to the 20GB storage plan. The has written a great article about how to get 20GB […]

Getting started Blogging with MS Live Writer

I won’t go into a long winded explanation of ‘why’ you should have a blog, or many blogs, if you are a person with many fields of interest and or a business owner, so I will provide a few links to some good reasons but you can find many more yourself. I blog for a […]

Online TV and Movie viewing

Some of you may know what a fan I am of watching ‘on-demand’ content so I thought I’d pass this along.I love watching what I want when I want (ala tivo) and watching movies and shows online enables that nicely.Hulu now has a desktop application you can use with your media center or like an […]