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Stopping spam tip.

1st. USE GMAIL. Then enable ‘SmartLabels’ in Gmail’s labs portion of the ‘Settings’. This alone will cut bulk and spam to next to zero! You can set up Gmail to retrieve just about any other type of email account you have. Read about that here. If you don’t want to use Gmail the next part […]

More Maleware in the wild ‘E-Card’

Hi folks just thought I’d pass this on. The folks at Shadow Server have found this propagating. There are loads of new security threats – many using tried and true vectors. This one uses the ‘E-Card’ email route. One that STILL somehow get people! Please NEVER, EVER, EVER open up these type of links! They […]

Bogus and Malicious emails

Here is a reminder. Let’s all keep ourselve and our data and systems safe.I have just recently seen numerous emails comming in supposedly from UPS containing trojan/infected files!!If you are not expecting and ‘EXPLICIT’ file in an email from a TRUSTED person. DO NOT OPEN/RUN OR DOWNLOAD IT!!Info on some here. Legitimate vendors – eBay, […]

Stop Spam Calls

Ok, how many of you have gotten calls that were dialed by an automated system?You know the kind. Your phone rings and if you pick it up there is a ‘pause’ before someone gets on the line.Who then proceeds to tell you that,”the FBI needs your information..”“your car warranty is about to expire..”“you owe money […]