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Speed Up Windows 7 with ReadyBoost and Removable Drives

When your PC and especially a netbook goes low on memory (RAM), it is bound to slow down. It does try to get that extra memory from the hard disk, but that hardly enhances the overall performance. Most netbooks ship with 1Gb of Ram, and many older netbooks shipped with even less.  Even if you […]

Turbo charge your wireless router!

Here is something some of you may wish and be able to do. It is possible to take many home wireless routers and greatly increase their signal strength and output, enabling you to get coverage over a much greater area of your house or business.Again I said maybe, because I don’t know if your router […]

Speeding up Firefox

I have written here before of the extensions and add-ons I use in Firefox. [see end of post]So I though I should add what tweaks I use to speed up and enhance the browser itself.Give them a try and if they do not improve you browsing experience with Firefox you can always go back to […]

Windows Utilites and Tools

After cleaning up a friends system recently and dramatically improving it’s performance, appearance and usability I was asked again, nay begged, to recommend as many of the applications and or utilities I use(d) to install or put onto an existing or new installation of Windows to ‘protect it’ and to help keep it running optimally […]