More Rogue Antivirus/Spyware infecting many!

Users are being ‘Tricked’ into infecting themselves with trojans/virus’
This has been used on probably 1.5 million websites!
And it is increasing! UPDATE! Here is even more evidence that this is HUGE!

I have written about this type of attack before and how to avoid it and stop the ‘infection’.
Please Read Here on that process.

The hack seeks to trick Web users into believing that their computer has been compromised by viruses and prompts them to download fake security software that itself causes further problems. [called a social engineering hack] Among the sites serving up the links to the fake software sites are some belonging to Apple and used on its iTunes store, though Apple is said to have cleaned up the affected code on its site.

For more information please read this too!!
Here is an excellent video showing how and what happens.