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My drumbeat. Backup with Images folks!

Once again I’ve had the frustration of dealing with failed hardware. The system was highly customized with special settings and configurations to enable unique line of business applications and data, plus the ‘regular’ business applications such as MS Office (with custom CRM databases) multiple email accounts and other applications installed after the system was first […]

More on backups and archiving

“UPDATE!” After a few weeks of removing loads of nasties from Windows and Mac machines and recovering data from dead or corrupted drives from both types of systems because of malware/viruses and hardware failures, I thought I would republish this. I must ask you – in this digital age what price will you put on […]

McAfee fix for killed XP machines

I am not a fan of McAfee security and AV products and haven’t been for years. Their software has become a huge drain on system resources and worse, seems to get more false positives than actually stoping malicious software. I highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. But if you are one of those that have had […]

Convert Dynamic Disk back to Basic Disk WITHOUT data loss

Here is the story. I had a Windows 7 machine that I was using as a test bed for various applications and settings.I was trying to recover some files from an old hard drive. I attached the drive via a usb dock. And I was able to grab most of the files I wanted via […]

Recovery from dead HDD

As you can tell from many of my posts I am a fanatic about the importance of backups.Yet very often many people don’t follow best practices and proceedures for data back up and security.And there are times when items have not been able to have been backed up in a normal back up cycle or […]

Back ups and System restores

Folks, please back up your data. Once again I have been involved with a system meltdown where there was NO valid back up available. I was able to salvage some data only after many, many hours and lots of aggravation. Please don’t let this happen to you. If people would create, and more importantly follow […]

Portable tools for Procuctivity and System Recovery

I have a few custom bootable USB recovery sticks containing Hiren’s Boot CD, UBCD4Win and ERD that have recovery consoles along with a WinPE (Mini XP) environment that I use to recover and repair all sorts of Windows issues.On my USB drive I have loaded hundreds of applications; some for use in the WinPE/Recovery mode […]

Let’s Kill Some Spyware!!

I recently had to help some people remove some serious spyware/malware/virii.No normally if I can’t ‘kill’ the bad stuff fairly quickly. I will simply get the persons ‘data’ – documents, pics, music etc. – off the machine and then delete the partitions. wipe the drives, re-format and re-install the operatiing system clean.But sometimes in a […]