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My adventures in a phone upgrade part 2 the root and apps

I wrote about my phone adventure recently here  so I won’t go into WHY I needed a device that I could ‘completely control’ and have full access to. Suffice it to say I must be able to have complete access to the system I own without artificial limitations from the manufacturer or service provider. I […]

Mac Maintenance and HDD updates/upgrade

[Updated 06-26-2011] I just spent a few days doing lots of maintenance on a few Mac’s. Cleaning up, optimizing and replacing one HDD for a new larger one. So I thought I’d share what I do with my Mac’s to keep them running happy and having my data safe should there be problems to those […]

Backup your Facebook Profile Information

I am going to show you two (2) methods of obtaining your Facebook contact information; Names and email account information. One via a browser extension/add-on and another via using an ‘intermediary’ email account – in this case Yahoo. As I have written many times I love me my Firefox browser. With the add-ons/extensions and tweaks […]

SMS from GMail

I’ve written many times about how awesome a tool Google Apps Gmail is. Check out these links. One Two Three Four and I’m sure there are more just look. And I’ve also written about how to send and SMS text to a phone via email. Here But that does require you know the service provider […]

Improving productivity and fun with browser add-ons and scripts

I spend all day working online and managing information systems. I was asked again how come I don’t have the same ‘bad experiences’ others do when browsing the internet. Why I don’t get things like getting ‘drive by Trojans’, bogus Anti-virus pop-ups, and obtrusive music or videos that play no matter what. I mentioned that […]

A little Firefox fix

Something strange has been happening for me lately I have been having some issues with my Gmail in Firefox, and in Firefox only, after the last security update. And as most of you know I am a HUGE fan of Gmail with Firefox. What was happening is that my Gmail response was slow, Chat would […]

Simple Performance Tips

I am asked a few times a week at minimum “how can I speed up my system?” by friends, family and colleagues alike. Here are some very simple performance tips I perform on nearly all Windows systems I work with. Before starting any system modifications please make sure you have a recent backup. Follow my […]

Desktop and Browser Pizzazz

I don’t use much ‘eye candy’ or bells and whistles for my computing experience. I tend to be very minimalistic in my approach to my working computing environment for three reasons. First is security – I do not wish to install toolbars, sidebars or other desktop widgets that could introduce one more vector for an […]

Google Voice Tips Tricks and Tutorials

I am a huge fan of Google voice. I use it for both my personal, and professional life. I am able to set up rules for contact groups that define many different scenarios. I like that I can give my Google voice number to my family and close friends and know that I can be […]

Speed Up Windows 7 with ReadyBoost and Removable Drives

When your PC and especially a netbook goes low on memory (RAM), it is bound to slow down. It does try to get that extra memory from the hard disk, but that hardly enhances the overall performance. Most netbooks ship with 1Gb of Ram, and many older netbooks shipped with even less.  Even if you […]