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CCleaner for OSX out of Beta

I written previously about a great tool I regularly use for Windows PCs now being available to OSX called CCleaner here. The application is now out of beta and adds a full set of features! Yay! With the full version CCleaner adds cleaning capabilities for Safari, Google Chrome, Opera  and Firefox. This final release for […]

Re-Installing Windows 7 if you don’t have original installation media.

Many people who purchased a computer with Windows 7 installed have found that nearly every manufacturer no longer provides you with the Operating System Media (DVDs). You will only be provided with a ‘restore to factory settings option’. Which will only work if the system ‘restore’ partition has not also been corrupted. And if like […]

Mac Maintenance and HDD updates/upgrade

[Updated 06-26-2011] I just spent a few days doing lots of maintenance on a few Mac’s. Cleaning up, optimizing and replacing one HDD for a new larger one. So I thought I’d share what I do with my Mac’s to keep them running happy and having my data safe should there be problems to those […]

More on backups and archiving

“UPDATE!” After a few weeks of removing loads of nasties from Windows and Mac machines and recovering data from dead or corrupted drives from both types of systems because of malware/viruses and hardware failures, I thought I would republish this. I must ask you – in this digital age what price will you put on […]

More OS X utilities

While this is an early Beta, I am very happy to see one of my favorite tools now available on OS X – CCleaner. I have been using this for some time on ALL of my Windows machines. In fact I have it scripted for all my users – every time they login CCleaner is […]

Simple Performance Tips

I am asked a few times a week at minimum “how can I speed up my system?” by friends, family and colleagues alike. Here are some very simple performance tips I perform on nearly all Windows systems I work with. Before starting any system modifications please make sure you have a recent backup. Follow my […]

Microsoft FixIt Center – diagnostics tools for most versions of Windows

I haven’t used this yet so I can’t give my personal recommendation only pass on the information I received and the reveiws that I have read. But this does look like it should be a great help to users who are not that technically savy or who don’t have ready access to a techno geek. […]

How to fix the “Cannot attach the virtual hard disk …

Little backround. I use Acronis to create images for true disaster recovery ability. With Acronis I can also mount back up images and retrieve any needed files in minutes! The newer versions of Acronis also allow you to convert your Acronis images (.tib) into Microsoft Virtual Hard Drives (VHDs).[Acronis has solutions for home and enterprise […]

Easy file transers with iGoogle/Google Talk

Over at the Google Blog today they’ve announced new file transfer capabilities in iGoogle and orkut. That’s fun! But what I’m most excited about is their promise of file transfer in Gmail Chat. For now, file transfer only works directly in the browser for iGoogle and orkut, allowing you to send files without saving them […]

Windows Mobile ROM upgrade

Recent phone OS adventure: I have had and or used just about every smart phone and been with virtually every US carrier there is since they came out in the late 90’s. Yes I have used custom carrier OS’s, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and Palm. But have always come back to Window Mobile. I have even […]