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How to Access Local and USB Hard Drives In Your Hyper-V Virtual Machine

There are dozens of scenarios where you would want to access a physical hard drive from inside your Hyper-V virtual machine ranging from accessing and importing data, dumping data from the virtual machine into the external drive, and importing or exporting disc images. Whatever reason you have for wanting to access an existing local hard […]

Installing SQL Server 2008R2 to Windows 7 VM

While installing an instance of SQL2008R2 to a Windows 7 Workstation VM (used by my programmers) on my VMWare vSphere cluster I ran into a problem. While the SQL installation seemed to go OK, it hung up toward the end during ‘Windows Installation Final Tasks – Clean up processes…” or something at “Install_sqlncli_Cpu64_Action” The install […]

Virtualization 101 – Getting started

It’s no secret I like Virtualization technologies a lot. I have written several other articles on some of my tips and tricks mostly involving creating Virtual Machines of OS X. You can read some of those here, here, here or simply just search my blog. For those who support multiple operating systems or simply have […]

Windows 7 Demo and Trials

If you haven’t yet tried or missed the initial public beta of Windows 7 you can still try this fantastic new Operating System in two distinct ways. One is an ‘online demo’ the other is and actual installation of a time limited trial. I you are still using XP I highly recommend getting familiar with […]

Android on Windows Mobile Touch Pro 2

For the techies here is something I found kinda cool. You can actually run the newer Adroid Phone OS from within Windows Mobile:Below, a video demonstrates Android running successfully on the HTC Touch Pro2.;=player_embedded This android version is on Micro SD not on the ROM which means that you will have some lags here and […]

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

Ok so here is the reason for this post.After nearly a year of trying to get a legacy application to work in Windows 7 I had just about given up.The application in question may be a purpose built company application (proprietary) that is absolutely necessary for your business or simply something you would rather not […]

Hackintosh x86 News

UPDATE:For another simple solution to building a ‘Hackintosh’ has just posted this updated article on how you can build your own out of a retail Snow Leopard CD and a Dell Mini 10v. It is a super article. [Again as mentioned by me and in this article. Even though you’re using a standard retail-purchased […]

Latest Virtual Machine tools and tips

As some of you know I have been using VMware for years to create and manage virtual machines. It is one of the best ways I know to evaluate operating systems and configurations with out messing up a ‘live’ system. Using VMware (and the VMWare converter) I can also convert Acronis images to Virtual machines, […]

From Giz Windows 7 tips

Gizmodo has a huge collection of tips, tricks and how to’s for the up coming version of Windows – Windows 7.I highly recomend reading if you are interested in the future of Windows.I have had a running VM (virtual machine) of Windows 7 for months now and I am quite excited about the performance; much […]