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Going back to my disdain for lies, deception and policies based on completely UN-SCIENTIFIC facts or principles.
Here is more stuff that should be watched by EVERYONE.
Mind you the language is adult and Pen & Teller use it to make their points. But if the language offends you than the ACTUAL FACTS they present should offend you MORE!

On recycling.
This is one of those things like the ‘man-made global warming’ religion that is being force fed to generations of kids. Mostly because we have not been told the truth.
Even after watching the following videos many will continue doing what they have been doing because -‘ it makes them feel good’. Whether it actually is good seems to be irrelevant to most people now days.

Environmental Hysteria:
part 1:

As anyone knows I am an animal lover. However these people are nuts!
If hooking a monkeys testicles to a car battery and shocking the crap out him could somehow extend the life or reduce the suffering of a HUMAN BEING than all I would say is, “red is positive and black is negative, have at!”

On World Peace:

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