Microsoft releases upgrade to Superb Anti-Virus Product

Microsoft’s next version of Security Essentials is actually a pretty great update from its already-great predecessor. Microsoft Security Essentials is sparking the ire of the big security companies for being extremely high quality and annoyingly – free. I spoke about it here and here.

It’s consistently ranked alongside the best paid anti-virus options out there in terms of detection and removal. And it basically blows its free competitors out of the water. The latest version adds an improved heuristic detection engine for weeding out threats that haven’t been positively identified yet.

If you’ve already installed Security Essentials you should find a notice to upgrade under the app’s update tab. If you haven’t downloaded MSE yet, well then, what are you waiting for?
Head over here and grab the latest version to protect your computer for free.

Initially, Security Essentials was legally available only for individual home users, but in October Microsoft relaxed the rules so that businesses with up to 10 users can install the product as well.

Be safe out here folks.

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