Get even more Dropbox space right now.

I use Dropbox to synch some files between computers, devices and the web. Nothing very sensitive but it’s great for photos, tech documents and files and other items. It’s also great for sharing items with others; I can upload something, share it (Dropbox gives a link to ‘share’) I then send that link to those I wish. Pretty cool.

Right now, and I don’t know if it’s a fluke or not, you can get up to 50GB of space just by doing a few things! If you have an account log into it and go here [get space] or create an account, go through the walkthrough (they’ll add space just for doing that) then go to the ‘get space’ link.

  1. Tell them why you like Dropbox.
  2. Let them tweet about you.
  3. Tweet about them.

Just doing these three things got my storage size to 52GB!!

I don’t really tweet much except for tech posts, so I could give a rip about them tweeting to my feed. You may care, I don’t. Also, for my personal ID security and safety, all my login credentials are very different and not connected in anyway for every online service I use.

I do also use other cloud services too (Google Drive, Skydrive etc.) but I’ve posted before about those already too.

Well hope you get your space while the getting is good.

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