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Let’s Kill Some Spyware!!

I recently had to help some people remove some serious spyware/malware/virii.No normally if I can’t ‘kill’ the bad stuff fairly quickly. I will simply get the persons ‘data’ – documents, pics, music etc. – off the machine and then delete the partitions. wipe the drives, re-format and re-install the operatiing system clean.But sometimes in a […]

What is pulling illegal aliens into the U.S.

I was recently asked my thoughts on what effect the current ‘horrible’ economy would have on the flow of illegal aliens.The question that got me is,“Would the ‘fall of our blatant consumerism’ and the reduction of our freedoms cause the flow of illegal aliens to decrease?”Well, I believe ‘consumerism’ has nothing to do with the […]

A little levity

Going back to when these guys were in their prime. Robin Williams on Drugs and Alcohol: Martin Lawrence on Jail: Andrew Dice Clay at Dangerfields: George Carlins Seven Words you can’t say:

Windows Live Applications on Windows 2003 Server

After searching far and wide I found a solution to not being able to install the lates version of Windows Live applications on Windows 2003(and 2008) Server. My desire is pretty much for only Live Writer but all the ‘Live’ apps are now completely bundled. You can’t simply download and install the ‘writer installer’ anymore. […]

From Giz Windows 7 tips

Gizmodo has a huge collection of tips, tricks and how to’s for the up coming version of Windows – Windows 7.I highly recomend reading if you are interested in the future of Windows.I have had a running VM (virtual machine) of Windows 7 for months now and I am quite excited about the performance; much […]

The Best Wireless Carrier Shortcuts

The Best Wireless Carrier Shortcuts via PCMag:,1217,a%253D236594,00.asp

Gmail adds contact synchronization over the ‘air’

Fellow Gmailers and ‘techies’, There is an updated sync tool from Google that works ‘over the air’ and not only synchronizes calendars but also contacts!. I have not tried this yet but sounds like I will be giving it a go later this week.I have been using Google’s ‘calendar sync’ with my Outlook for a […]

Windows Media Center How To’s

Some have asked me how to work with the fantastic Media Center in Vista and its ‘father’ WinXP Media Center Edition.There are other ‘open source or freeware’ apps and plenty of quality ones to purchase available to do what Media Center does, but I have used most of them and they don’t compare with the […]

Must Watch Videos

Going back to my disdain for lies, deception and policies based on completely UN-SCIENTIFIC facts or principles.Here is more stuff that should be watched by EVERYONE.Mind you the language is adult and Pen & Teller use it to make their points. But if the language offends you than the ACTUAL FACTS they present should offend […]

Palistinian claims

A good article regarding the idea that Israel ‘stole’ the Palestinians land:;=85547