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Another serious Web Browser hole

Contexis Security has found a BIG problem with WebGL implementations on Windows, Mac and Linux have numerous vulnerabilities which allow malicious web pages to capture any window on the system or crash the computer, according to research from Context Information Security. They actually demonstrate how to steal user data through web browsers using this vulnerability! […]

WordPress 500 internal Server Error xmlrpc.php fix part 2

I had this issue previously and it appeared resolved. But it has returned after upgrading my WordPress installation to 3.x. So I tried the simple thing of just disabling all my plug-ins but that didn’t do it this time. I had to do that (disable my plug-ins as described here) and all this too! I […]

Windows Live Writer WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

This problem cropped up and recently and really got me pissed. I absolutely LOVE Windows Live Writer. If you post often to sites or blogs this is probably the best tool I’ve found for easy posting, short of a full fledged website/content management application or system [Dreamweaver, SharePoint or the like]. I will post much […]

Windows Live Applications on Windows 2003 Server

After searching far and wide I found a solution to not being able to install the lates version of Windows Live applications on Windows 2003(and 2008) Server. My desire is pretty much for only Live Writer but all the ‘Live’ apps are now completely bundled. You can’t simply download and install the ‘writer installer’ anymore. […]