Little-known fact: Obama’s failed stimulus program cost more than the Iraq war

I know some people just can’t handle facts – they are corrosive to the leftist ideology and so they are ‘shouted down’ as racist, lies, bigoted or worse. But facts are that – facts.

So here are some more handy facts to recall during coming weeks as Obama and his congressional Democratic buddies get more desperate to put the blame for their spending policies on Bush and the war in Iraq.

Please read this article and get informed so that when someone utters the idiot mantra the left publishes daily that ‘Bush’s war’ is the reason we are in such terrible economic times you can be armed with facts.

Attack on Morality

Folks the war on morality has just reached a new high.
This is just the first salvo from the left and the new administration.
This provision calls for no monies to ANY institution that simply ‘allows’ worship or meetings that are of a religious nature’!! Whether or not they are actually sanctioned by the institution or not.
You can be assured that Planned Parenthood meetings would be exempt.

And you wont believe this:
File under WTF!! Your tax dollars at work:;=88097