More on BP Oil Leak Cleanup

Kevin Costner  says he has the solution that will save the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s ruinous oil catastrophe. He’s not kidding. Watch him talk about this machine that, according to him, extracts 97% of oil from the water.

Costner has been funding this project for 15 years (and invested at least 20 million dollars!), which was spearheaded by his brother. They have a model that processes 200 gallons of water per minute. I don’t know how if it will work in open waters, but it won’t hurt to try. And if it works, let’s build a navy of these things now.


Here’s the company:

There is a problem though:
This is well intentioned, but would require huge quantities of these devices and/or much larger ones.

Here is why:
The most heavy duty of these prototypes is said to handle 200 gallons a minute.
200 / 42 = 4.76 barrels per minute.
It is estimated that 50,000 barrels a day, or 2,100,000 gals per day (34.7 barrels per min), is being leaked.

Apparently BP has already ordered 32 of these. They’ll have to get a whole lot more.

Let’s hope they work.

Oil Cleanup Solution

Like everyone else I have been watching the happenings regarding the oil leakage in the Gulf.

I have heard of and seen many solutions – most involving super high-tech, and super expensive solutions to mopping up the oil.

Well here is a guy with a solution that is so simple and inexpensive it is crazy!

I believe you could soak up the oil with the hay and load it onto barges. Then even extract it later if needed!

Sad but this will probably not be used for three reasons – one some stupid shit government regulation would prohibit it, two the contractors being paid millions of dollars to clean this up will buy off the politicians and three the guy is a southerner wearing suspenders.