Microsoft Mathematics Now Free, Perfect Tool For Math & Science Students and Buffs!

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 includes a full-featured graphing calculator. It’s designed to work just like those expensive handheld calculators and it’s optimized for algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. Additional math tools help you solve systems of equations, evaluate sides and angles in a triangle, and convert from one system of units to another. It also has a quick reference library of formulas commonly used in mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

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Tackle your math homework with Microsoft Mathematics

Download page from MS is Here.

Stimulating YOUR nervous system

If you turn to tea for a healthy dose of antioxidants, keep in mind that the antioxidants, or polyphenols, found in commercially bottled tea is up to 20 times less than you’ll find in homebrewed tea. Not to mention the amount of sugar.

Me, I like good coffee and iced green tea. I drink plenty of both daily. I brew both very strong for two reasons. First and foremost I am all about ‘effect’. I want my chemicals in as concentrated form as possible. Second is flavor. I enjoy hearty flavors. I am not one taken by subtlety.

If you were ever wondering about caffeine content and what products give you the biggest bang for the buck check this out.
Over at the frugality centered blog Wise Bread, they crunched the numbers on the caffeine content to cost ratio of 22 common caffeine sources. The king of the caffeine castle isn’t actually a drink. No Doz pills have a caffeine content that breaks down to a mere 0.0008 cents per mg.

Uncomfortable outright acknowledging the necessity of your caffeine habit by turning it into a pill-popping habit? Fair enough, you’ll want to start drinking the runner up: Tetley’s Black Tea.

Some other graphic numbers

More on BP Oil Leak Cleanup

Kevin Costner  says he has the solution that will save the Gulf of Mexico from BP’s ruinous oil catastrophe. He’s not kidding. Watch him talk about this machine that, according to him, extracts 97% of oil from the water.

Costner has been funding this project for 15 years (and invested at least 20 million dollars!), which was spearheaded by his brother. They have a model that processes 200 gallons of water per minute. I don’t know how if it will work in open waters, but it won’t hurt to try. And if it works, let’s build a navy of these things now.


Here’s the company:

There is a problem though:
This is well intentioned, but would require huge quantities of these devices and/or much larger ones.

Here is why:
The most heavy duty of these prototypes is said to handle 200 gallons a minute.
200 / 42 = 4.76 barrels per minute.
It is estimated that 50,000 barrels a day, or 2,100,000 gals per day (34.7 barrels per min), is being leaked.

Apparently BP has already ordered 32 of these. They’ll have to get a whole lot more.

Let’s hope they work.

Costs of government run health care

Costs of government run health care.

The idea that the government could effectively run anything better than private enterprise in a free market is absurd.
Here is a great quote from Thomas Sowell, the noted economist:
“There is a fundamental difference between reducing costs and simply shifting costs around, like a pea in a shell game at a carnival.”
The entire article is here:
From Thomas Sowell and should be read by all!
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And here is more of what you will be paying for!
Aborton Tax

More on Science vs. Superstition

Science vs idiotic superstition is obviously one of my running themes here.

So in line with that here is comedian Dara O’Briain setting the record straight about the public understanding of science.

Global Warming, Really

I have such a disdain for lies and deception it borders on an obsession.
One of my biggest peeves is the absolute LIE of ‘man-made global warming’.
An entire generation of children have been literally indoctrinated with this ‘religion’ that is based on junk science!
This schtick has been used by the anti-capitalist to bludgeon the economies and bind the freedoms that have made the west the most advanced civilizations in humans short history on this planet.
Virtually every bit of legislation tied to the ‘green movement’ ONLY harms the developed nations of the west and does absolutely nothing to help the underdeveloped nations of the world.
The sole purpose of the ‘green movement’ is to monetarily penalize man’s economic and scientific advancement and redistribute the wealth of the world. In short to put control of freedoms and progress in the hands of an ‘elite’ few who ‘know what’s good for us’.
I know that the left’s hysteria can’t be bothered with actual facts but maybe we can help educate the young.
Here are some fantastic links to actual science.
A great video that should be played in all grade schools!:

Some other great links:

A good site with lots of information: