From Giz Windows 7 tips

Gizmodo has a huge collection of tips, tricks and how to’s for the up coming version of Windows – Windows 7.
I highly recomend reading if you are interested in the future of Windows.
I have had a running VM (virtual machine) of Windows 7 for months now and I am quite excited about the performance; much better that Vista (for me anyways)
I will post some more info on my VM experiences in another log.
For those that are already using Vista the ‘jump’ will be minimal. And for those on Windows XP it will be an easier transition than going from XP to Vista.;=t

Gmail adds contact synchronization over the ‘air’

Fellow Gmailers and ‘techies’,

There is an updated sync tool from Google that works ‘over the air’ and not only synchronizes calendars but also contacts!. I have not tried this yet but sounds like I will be giving it a go later this week.I have been using Google’s ‘calendar sync’ with my Outlook for a while and I love it!

This may not be necessary for me or regular ‘Active Sync’ users because I sync my contacts already, but it is worth trying out. Anything to assure ‘uniform data’!This sounds like it takes that to the next level.
Google Sync uses a Microsoft Exchange server to keep all of your contact and calendar data in sync over the air. If you’ve added a new calendar appointment from your desktop, Google Sync will push the update to your phone. Likewise, changes you make from your phone are automatically synced to your Google account in the cloud.

If you try it let me know how it goes.

Windows Media Center How To’s

Some have asked me how to work with the fantastic Media Center in Vista and its ‘father’ WinXP Media Center Edition.
There are other ‘open source or freeware’ apps and plenty of quality ones to purchase available to do what Media Center does, but I have used most of them and they don’t compare with the Vista (or WinXP) Media Center.
Some example of the other application Myth TV, Media Portal, Beyond TV, Sage TV, and XBMC to name a few of the quality ones I’ve used (use).
If you don’t have Vista, or WindowsXP Media edition some of the freeware applications can do a very good job and some of the retail applications will too.
You can even use a media center PC to save money by kissing cable or satallite goodbye! (see below)
Well, anyways here are some great links that will help more than I can with a a simple email response.

some other good stuff:

And even more great resources:
42 keboard shortcuts for Media Center:

Review of media center apps:

Saying goodby to cable and satallite tv using online services:

Some of my favorite sites:

Must Watch Videos

Going back to my disdain for lies, deception and policies based on completely UN-SCIENTIFIC facts or principles.
Here is more stuff that should be watched by EVERYONE.
Mind you the language is adult and Pen & Teller use it to make their points. But if the language offends you than the ACTUAL FACTS they present should offend you MORE!

On recycling.
This is one of those things like the ‘man-made global warming’ religion that is being force fed to generations of kids. Mostly because we have not been told the truth.
Even after watching the following videos many will continue doing what they have been doing because -‘ it makes them feel good’. Whether it actually is good seems to be irrelevant to most people now days.

Environmental Hysteria:
part 1:

As anyone knows I am an animal lover. However these people are nuts!
If hooking a monkeys testicles to a car battery and shocking the crap out him could somehow extend the life or reduce the suffering of a HUMAN BEING than all I would say is, “red is positive and black is negative, have at!”

On World Peace:

Global Warming, Really

I have such a disdain for lies and deception it borders on an obsession.
One of my biggest peeves is the absolute LIE of ‘man-made global warming’.
An entire generation of children have been literally indoctrinated with this ‘religion’ that is based on junk science!
This schtick has been used by the anti-capitalist to bludgeon the economies and bind the freedoms that have made the west the most advanced civilizations in humans short history on this planet.
Virtually every bit of legislation tied to the ‘green movement’ ONLY harms the developed nations of the west and does absolutely nothing to help the underdeveloped nations of the world.
The sole purpose of the ‘green movement’ is to monetarily penalize man’s economic and scientific advancement and redistribute the wealth of the world. In short to put control of freedoms and progress in the hands of an ‘elite’ few who ‘know what’s good for us’.
I know that the left’s hysteria can’t be bothered with actual facts but maybe we can help educate the young.
Here are some fantastic links to actual science.
A great video that should be played in all grade schools!:

Some other great links:

A good site with lots of information:

Attack on Morality

Folks the war on morality has just reached a new high.
This is just the first salvo from the left and the new administration.
This provision calls for no monies to ANY institution that simply ‘allows’ worship or meetings that are of a religious nature’!! Whether or not they are actually sanctioned by the institution or not.
You can be assured that Planned Parenthood meetings would be exempt.

And you wont believe this:
File under WTF!! Your tax dollars at work:;=88097

The (NO) Fairness doctorine is comming

People, be very afraid!
For years the left has been looking for a way to silence their critics and they are approaching their goal!
Essentially what it boils down to is this;t the left wants total control of (all) the press.
Think of Pravda of the old Soviet Union.
Without the freedom of a free market media – essentially talk radio, the left can say and do what every they want with out being called to task.
The left has tried and failed at every opportunity to ‘sell’ it’s message (essentially lies, hyperbole and half-truths) many times and HAS ALWAYS FAILED!
Look at Air America Radio. It has never made money and only exists because of the support of ‘new world order’ socialists; primarily George Soros.;=88113